Minimalist Swimming Pool Design at Home

Having a swimming pool at home is certainly fun, Moms! For Moms who plan to make it, first check the minimalist swimming pool design here.

Having a swimming pool at home can make residents of the house, especially children feel happy and enthusiastic because children really like to play in water.

Although not as big as a swimming pool in general, when designing a minimalist swimming pool, you must determine whether you want to make an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

In addition, don’t forget to measure the area of ​​the room that will be used as a minimalist swimming pool.

Minimalist swimming pools are usually placed behind the house by utilizing the yard or garden.

The following is a swimming pool design for behind the house, namely:

Minimalist Rectangular Swimming Pool Design

This first minimalist swimming pool design is long and has become a classic type of swimming pool that is widely chosen to be placed behind the house.

Moms can make a swimming pool with the remaining land behind the house but don’t forget to leave about 1-1.5 meters on the edge of the pool as a place to put chairs to relax.

The design of this swimming pool is very simple because there are no stairs or slides. To beautify its appearance, place some large ornamental plants beside it.

Plunge Pool Style

The minimalist plunge pool type is widely used in European and American countries.

The size is not big because later Moms will have to leave some land area to be planted with grass.

That way, the area around the pool does not become slippery.

Because it is surrounded by green grass and lush plants, Moms and family will feel at home swimming behind the house because the atmosphere is cool.

Complete with Gazebo to Relax

Combining a swimming pool with a gazebo can make the pool design look more aesthetic.

In this swimming pool design, you can use a long-type swimming pool and at the end you can install a gazebo.

The gazebo that you install can be made of wood or you can also use ceramic material for the floor and asbestos for the roof.

Industrial Design in Swimming Pool

This minimalist swimming pool design with an industrial feel looks very simple but modern.

Moms only need to make a rectangular swimming pool with a side that is fitted with natural stone. Choose natural stone that is not slippery when splashed by water from the pool.

Don’t forget to put a black lounge chair by the pool as a place to relax after swimming.

Minimalist Oval Shape Swimming Pool Design

This minimalist indoor swimming pool design is perfect for modern European-style houses.

Usually, modern European type houses have large windows that make the lighting more optimal.

Moms can use one of the rooms in the house to serve as the location of the swimming pool.

The oval-shaped swimming pool is perfect for the modern European type of house. Since the doors and windows are made of glass, you can feel like swimming outdoors.

Glass roof

A swimming pool with a glass roof is also very suitable as a minimalist indoor swimming pool design.

The shape of the swimming pool can be square, square, or L. The swimming pool can be installed near the kitchen or next to the dining room.

Also prepare chairs to relax by the pool equipped with indoor ornamental plants.