Millennials Are Screwed

Beautiful HouseSuccessful in life is all people’s purpose. Not that any of those cautionary tales have diminished the Republicans’ want to gut this system. In 2014, now-Home Speaker Paul Ryan said that public assistance, including school lunch, provided a full stomach and an empty soul” as a result of it made children reliant on authorities handouts. With the occasion now accountable for Congress and the White House—and with Michelle Obama, the program’s greatest defender, gone—school lunch is as vulnerable because it’s ever been.

So what does Yr of the Lady” train us? Nicely, that Bella Abzug was a boss-laughing and smoking and yelling from the podium-and that white feminists (and in fairness, black feminists) spoke manner too easily of the niggerization” of girls back in 1972. However principally, the movie reminds us of absolutely the ferocity-and good humor-that girls used to kick and chew their approach into our political system.

Tingle …

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