Simple Minimalist Home Terrace Substitute for Living Room

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A comfortable and beautiful minimalist home terrace gives a homey impression. The terrace can even be used as a substitute for the living room.

The terrace is an area that is generally located at the front, back, or even the side of the house. The existence of a terrace, especially at the front, can add to the attractiveness of the house.

Believe it or not, the location of the terrace at the front of this house is the first to be the attention of everyone who comes to visit. The design of the terrace of the house can even give an idea of ​​what the character of the owner is like.

Living Room Substitute

The terrace can also be a substitute for the living room for a small house.

The terrace can be equipped with chairs, a table, a coffee table, and decorations to make it look visually appealing.

The presence of chairs, tables, and decorations in the form of plants, for example, makes the terrace area feel more beautiful and fresh. The design of the terrace of the house is simple, comfortable, and cool, can be a substitute for the area to welcome guests, or the living room. It has even become one of the “communal” areas – public areas, shared areas – a place to gather with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Minimalist Home Terrace Design

If the area in front of your house is a little wider, try to use it as a complete garden with a comfortable terrace.

It doesn’t need to be big, a small garden and a minimalist terrace are enough to add an additional function to the front of the house.

The terrace area of ​​the house is designed to be minimalist, showing simplicity, focusing on function, while still maintaining an impressive and stylish appearance. A beautiful terrace with a simple yet elegant appearance.

Arranging the front yard of this house, with a minimalist concept, can be very profitable. A minimalist design that has a “light”, simple, and simple appearance, is actually very eye-catching. This is a design idea and spatial planning concept that is most suitable for a small terrace.

To decorate the terrace of the house itself, the addition of plants, for example, use those that are not clustered.

Choose towering ornamental plants such as hanging orchids. Also avoid arranging flower pots that are too excessive, simply by grouping them on the corners of the garden space, and making them lined up in one line. With that, a minimalist terrace is also easy to maintain.

Minimalist Home Terrace Roof

On the roof, a minimalist terrace can get a wide impression by using a transparent roof.

The transparent roof also allows sunlight to enter the terrace area freely. The variations of the beams that are neatly arranged above in parallel order will also add a beautiful and elegant impression. The use of a transparent roof on the terrace gives the impression of being both shady and warm.

Minimalist Patio Furniture

The presence of chairs and tables is indispensable in the terrace area. That is the reason, models and types of furniture that do not “burden” the space capacity.

With a small and minimal terrace size, a scandi-minimalist-style furniture model can be very suitable to get the impression of a cozy and relaxed home terrace.

The terrace of the house can be used to facilitate various activities such as relaxing while reading, or just sitting around enjoying a glass of tea or coffee.

Lamps and Lighting

The terrace area should get a good lighting installation.

Choose a warm white lamp that is slightly yellowish to create the impression of being comfortable and warm. You can also use white to get an elegant impression.

A comfortable and warm minimalist home terrace.