Home Garden Can Be Arranged With Simple

Save your money for other needs, there is a simple way to arrange a garden in front of a house. Even though it’s simple and on a minimal budget, it’s guaranteed that guests who come will immediately praise your expertise in managing the garden. No need to hire the services of a garden designer.
Not only compliments are coming, you and your family members will feel calm every time you look out the window or when you enter the yard, because you are treated to a beautiful view from the garden in front of the house. There are no secrets, you just need to listen to easy and simple tips for arranging a home garden so that it is pleasing to the eye:

1. Vegetable plants

As people’s awareness for a healthy life increases, many people use the garden in front of their house to grow vegetables. Growing your own vegetables is healthier because it is free from pesticides or chemicals. There are several ways to plant, such as hydroponics, microgreens, or pots.
You can choose vegetables that have beautiful leaves and flowers to make your front garden more attractive. Some of the vegetable plants you can choose from are tomatoes, red curly lettuce, green beans, chilies, red spinach, and many more.

2. Footpath rocks

Apart from being a garden decoration, rocks can be a kind of guide. Place flower plants on either side of the path.
There are several types of rock that you can use to make a path. First, pea gravel mixed with cement. It has a fine texture and has beautiful colors. There are also flagstones or natural stones. This stone effectively absorbs water and will give your front garden a tropical touch.

3. Fish pond

The pond is also an accent that beautifies the garden. It doesn’t need to be big, a small pond like an aquarium near the terrace steps can make the garden more beautiful.
For a minimalist fish pond, you can make a semi-aquarium fish pond, which is a combination of pond and aquarium elements. That way you can see the fish swimming from two perspectives, above and from the side. Whatever your choice, make sure the fish pond is in a shady place.

4. Light

Whatever impression of the garden you want to display, romantic, bohemian, cozy, or modern, you can make it happen by having objects as sources of light, such as lamps, lanterns, and candles.
You can use small lights strung in a circle on tree trunks and branches. But creating with light requires foresight and imagination. The important thing is, if you want to use lights to arrange the garden in front of the house, make sure the safety of the wiring installation.

5. Decks

A deck or also called a deck is a flat platform without a roof. Usually made by lifting from the ground, not at ground level. Generally decks are made of wood. Because the deck is outdoors, the wood used must be weather-resistant and not easily porous, such as ironwood, merbau, and bengkirai.

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