Jimmy Fallon, Cara Delevingne’s Tonight Show Home-Decor Chat

Photo: Architectural Digest/YouTube

Instead of converting it into a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cara Delevingne has chosen to live in the $10.8 million questionably decorated Gramercy Park triplex she bought from Jimmy Fallon. As she told Fallon on The Tonight Show this week, she loves the decor — basically the Overlook Hotel in The Shining with a maximalist color palette. “I’ve kept it all. It’s creepy,” she said. “I tried to design my house in LA basically like that without knowing that house.”

Delevingne is telling the truth! She has described her LA home — an English-country-style mansion built in 1941 for the founders of the Vons supermarket chain — as an “adult playhouse” and it lives up to the reputation: There’s a costume dress-up room, a Lynchian poker room, and, naturally , a ball pit. She cites escape rooms and Hugh Hefner as influences, both of which are

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Home design ideas: Decorating a bedroom with challenging sloped ceilings

The sloped ceiling in designer Diane Mohamed’s bedroom posed a challenge for her.Danielle Robertson

This is the biggest bedroom that Diane Mohamed has ever had, and due to the sloped ceiling, the most challenging to decorate. “It looked cavernous, cold, and characterless,” says the founder of MOMO Interior Design. Mohamed knew she’d need to go bold, but was also committed to a predominantly black and white palette. “I wanted to stay neutral for the longer lasting items, then bring in color with accessories so I can swap them out from time to time,” she says. Her choices did the trick. “Every time I open the door, it brings me happiness,” she says.

1 The shag loss is a neutral base with lots of personality. “When the sunlight hits it, there’s a lovely shimmer,” Mohamed notes.

2 The bedding, which includes a crushed velvet comforter from West Elm and

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How to Design Your Home to Prevent Common House Malfunctions

It’s always important to take preventive measures to avoid common house malfunctions. By taking a few simple steps, you can help ensure that your home runs smoothly and doesn’t suffer from any major problems. In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to design your home in order to prevent common malfunctions. We’ll cover everything from retaining walls to irrigation systems, so you can be sure your home is as safe and functional as possible!

Retaining Walls

Does your home sit on a slope? If so, then you may want to consider building a retaining wall. Retaining walls provide proper drainage and can help prevent soil erosion and erosions, two very common problems that can cause serious damage to your home. In addition, retaining walls can also add some extra style and curb appeal to your property! However, when designing and constructing a retaining wall, there are

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6 Rules Of Design In Inside Dwelling Ornament

I have read too many blogs where individuals have spent thousands and thousands of pesos to construct sub-normal home that finally ends up needing expensive maintenance. In my work, I see individuals with their hearts and budgets damaged as they try to renovate or construct a house. Very often my recommendation comes put up-catastrophe. So it is with this expertise and after a number of research that I started to build my very own home in the Philippines five years ago.

I like to get my marbles from the dollar retailer. When I can discover low cost marbles, that’s when I buy them. I purchase them for a number of completely different causes. I exploit them on marble machines for one. I exploit them in the Boy Scout Den I lead. They like to play marbles when it’s cold exterior. If I find rare marbles, I’ll add them to my … Read more